For a peacefull mind...


Chinese Massage

And at our hostel in the countryside, you can enjoy a relaxing massage in the comfort of your room. Hours are flexible, so any time you feel like laying down, relax and have your muscles caressed, tell us about an hour in advance and we will arrange our masseuse to give you that heavenly treat. Hanna is a local masseuse from Xing Ping where she has studied with a chinese doctor and has learned to speak English well and can explain to you what she is actually doing and why. She can also work with you on a personal base if you cope with certain physical discomforts or injuries.


Tai chi is one of China' s most prominent and ancient arts , developed thousands of years ago and due to its beneficial impact on the health of millions of people it is still widely practiced today with a growing popularity in the world. Now you are here in Yangshuo, a beautiful relaxing part of South-China with tai chi schools abound, you are offered an excellent opportunity to train with some of the best tai chi masters in China at very affordable tuition fees. Take this unique chance to engage in an introductory course if you are a beginner or to further improve your skills as an intermediate or advanced practitioner to delve deeper into this art with some of the best tai chi masters the world has on offer.

Teachers generally have a different teaching style and will emphasize different aspects about tai chi which can make it a quite difficult and time consuming task to find the most appropriate master for you. At Trippers Carpe Diem, with a most inspiring practice ground on the rooftop, you can gain from the experience and knowledge of your host about theYangshuo tai chi school scene to find the most appropriate tai chi teacher for you. Of all Yangshuo tai chi masters, we generally recommend Master Kim as he is very dedicated tai chi master, with years of experience training foreigners, carefully observing postures not to strain joints and ligaments, is fluent in English, and a very warm and compassionate person on and off the training ground. More about Kim and tai chi in general at the Yangshuo Tai Chi School Training center