Hotel Directions

Few tips on how to get here:

Guilin Airport to Yangshuo by taxi

Guilin airport is located about 95km West of Yangshuo. Using public transportation the trip would take about 3 to 4 hours while a taxi ride along the highway only takes about 1h10m. When you would like to avoid a long bus ride or to carry more luggage than you can comfortably take along on a hot summer or cold winter day, we can organise a taxi or mini-van to pick you up anywhere in Guilin center, bus/ train station, airport or anywhere in Yangshuo. This way, you could avoid the sometimes stressful aspects of travel on public transport in China and arrive in comfort and feeling relaxed, the perfect way to start your stay :) We have made all pick-up information available for you on our Yangshuo Hotel Pick-up  page.

Guilin Airport to Yangshuo by bus

There are airport buses that leave the airport every 2 hours between 08:00 and 17:00 straight for Yangshuo. Time schedule varies but we can easily find out for you here around the time of your visit. After every flight arrival there are also buses which will get you to the airport express stop in Guilin's center in front of the Aviation Hotel for about 20¥.  There you could take a take a taxi or walk for 10 minutes to either the bus (direct) or train station (indirect) for buses to Yangshuo (20¥, min 1h40m). Be aware that like most bus services in China, the airport express buses won't leave the airport until full so you may be faced with a wait.

Guilin center to Yangshuo by taxi

We can always arrange a taxi pick-up for you from anywhere in Guilin (airport included) at anytime, day or night, for the standard fee. Pick-up fees from your Guilin hotel may differ a little depending on the location of your hotel. But most hotels in Guilin are located in the center near the bus or train station. Please see our Yangshuo Hotel Pick-up  page for more information. 

Guilin center to Yangshuo by bus

Guilin Train station to Yangshuo

From the train station of Guilin to Yangshuo (65km), public transportation is convenient. Every 20 to 30 minutes, buses leave just outside of the train station (walk straight out the arrival hall of the train station and you will find them – or they will find you – at your left hand side). These local buses can stop anywhere along the way depending on passengers – or driver’s – needs, and often will give you a tour around the outskirts of Guilin in a search for more passengers so the ride could take up anything between 1.5 to 2.5 hours.

If you would like to limit the time on the bus and do not mind a 10min walk along the main road with your luggage I suggest to walk to the bus station for a direct express bus to Yangshuo. To go from the Guilin train station to the Guilin bus station, leave the train station straight to the main road and without crossing the main road turn left. You will arrive at the ticket office of the bus station, located at the same side of the main road than the Guilin bus station about 10min later.

To reach our hotel from the bus station in Yangshuo, please see the relevant section below for route options and descriptions.

Guilin bus station to Yangshuo

From the Guilin bus station to Yangshuo (66km), regular express buses leave about every 20-30 minutes. At the time of writing the bus fare is 20¥ . These buses do not stop anywhere between Guilin and Yangshuo so they are the fastest public means to reach Yangshuo. The ride to the Yangshuo bus station generally takes about 1h35m.

To reach our hotel from the bus station in Yangshuo, please see the relevant section below for route options and descriptions.

Coming on a Li-river boat cruise from Guilin to Yangshuo

If you come to Yangshuo on a Li-river boat cruise from Guilin, the boats stop either at the docks near our retreat or a bit further near West Street. The local government often shifts docks and arrival stops around which makes it hard for us to determine the dock you will arrive at from beforehand.  The tour company or  your hotel in Guilin that organized your cruise should be able to inform you with the right arrival details.

Unfortunately pick-ups from the docks cannot be arranged from beforehand as arrival times of boats and buses differ too much from the times estimated beforehand. Sometimes boats and buses arrive up to 2 hours early or later then their scheduled arrival times, and drivers are not allowed to wait and park that long near the docks since you will notice, with such a high number of daily passengers, traffic often becomes a little hectic over there…

So only when you call us upon arrival (please dial +86 (0)773 8888766) in Yangshuo it is possible for us to arrange this pick-up service. You then only need to tell us where you are (name of the dock, nearby landmark, hotel...) and we will have someone to pick you up soon.

You could also enjoy this wonderful trip on a smaller motorized raft (which can be combined with a hiking trip along the shores of the river) that generally offers better value and a more relaxed environment. This tour starts in Yangshuo and can easily be arranged upon arrival.

If you arrive at the Long Tou Shan dock, you can easily walk to our village. Turn right when you get off the boat - away from the mass of people turning left to the center – and follow the signs of our retreat or restaurant ‘The Pomelo Garden’. The walk would not be more than 10 minutes along a beautiful river and little country side road, all newly paved with very little traffic.

From Yangshuo center to our hotel

To get here from the Yangshuo bus station, you could either walk or have us arrange a pick for you. Since busy bus station is located at the other side of the center the walk to our village would take about 30min. Particularly when the weather is hot, wet or cold we do not recommend this walk since the first stretch will be along the main road and it will only be when you will meet the Li-river, having passed by the old town center with its cobbling streets and good selection of shops, bars and restaurants, that the road to our village becomes scenic and highly enjoyable. From there it is just a 15 to 20 minute walk (1.5km) to our hotel in the beautiful countryside.

By own means

Nonetheless, when the weather is mild and you do not mind to carry your luggage for about half an hour, the walk through the center could be very enjoyable and would immediately be able to familiarise yourself with Yangshuo town, and feel the difference with the peaceful and relaxing environment you chose to stay.

From anywhere in Yangshuo's center; go to the Li-river and turn left,  follow the road aside the river (with the river always at your right hand side), go below the long yellowish corridor and continue to follow the river road. After about 1km,  when the road bends away from the river do not turn right but continue straight ahead (follow our signs) and soon - after 300m - you will enter the village where you will find our retreat at about 150m at your left hand side.

Pick-up from Yangshuo (7.30-23.00)

We can also arrange a pick-up for you from anywhere in Yangshuo. Please call us upon arrival in Yangshuo during reception hours (7.30am-23.00pm), tell us where you are (there are phone shops near the bus station in case you did not bring a phone) and we will send our driver to pick you up soon. Most commonly you will arrive by bus at the Yangshuo bus station where our driver will meet you in the waiting hall next to the ticket office in the bus station with a name card of our retreat.

Taxi prices in Yangshuo are among the most expensive in China, they are operated by only a few, it is hard to obtain such a license and none of the drivers has a meter installed or will be willing to use it. The minimum 'get in' fee is 20Y, even if the ride is only a few hundreds meter and any taxi ride between a countryside hotel and Yangshuo town will be 60Y return fee. To eliminate this high cost for travelers who prefer to stay in the countryside we provide a free shuttle service in and out of the center multiple times a day. This new service will take you within 5 minutes of the center in a most comfortable, easy and quick way, cost-free. Outside of these hours we can arrange a taxi for just 20Y. Alternatively, we are located within a beautiful walking distance from the center (15-20 minutes), or a 7 minute bike ride along the river.

Outside of these hours (23.00-07.30)

Outside of these hours we advise to either print our Chinese address mentioned at the bottom of our contact page, or more easily, ask a willing Chinese to help you copy it on a piece of paper for you, and show it to one of the drivers near the bus or gas station to get you here for about 30¥ (depending on nr of passengers and kind of transport).

Coming by sleeper bus from Shenzhen or Guangzhou

When you come on a sleeper bus from particularly Shenzhen and Guangzhou you will most likely be dropped off at the gas station which is located at the other side of town, a 10min walk away from the bus station. These sleeper buses tend to arrive very early in the morning between 4.00-05.00am while arrival times are often ‘scheduled’ for 6.00-7.00am.

Reception opening times

Please note that our reception opens at 7.30am from March till the end of November and 8.00am from December till the end of February.

Nonetheless, don’t worry if you would arrive very early or late, our friendly guard will always be expecting you, let you in and show you to your room. Even when woken up in the middle of the night he will open the door for you with a smile. It might look a bit weird when he appears out of the dark in his shorts in summer, but he is completely harmless and innocent! Cultural differences, make travelling that interesting ;-)