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China travel can be quite intense and exhaustive. High populated cities with crowds everywhere, noise, high traffic, pollution, getting around... after visiting a few major cities,
you may start to crave for space, peace, nature, fresh air, tranquility and relaxation. Well, then Yangshuo is just the place for you!


Yangshuo might have the stamp of being a hot tourist destination but the good news is that Yangshuo's tourism is concentrated and limited to a few most popular areas only. You can still experience a beautiful natural authentic part of China in many areas around Yangshuo of which the nearest to the center is our little scenic village of Shi Ban Qiao (Stone Bridge).


When we started our Yangshuo Carpe Diem Hostel a little further down the road we knew well that this village just North from the center, the quiet side of the Li-river, was a hidden gem. The ideal location of our hostel undoubtedly contributed to its immediate listing in the Lonely Planet, just a few months after opening.


Located in the opposite direction of the main tourist attractions of the Yulong river valley, in the valley of Shi Ban Qiao village one would barely notice the difference between any random winter day when visitors to Yangshuo are few and the annual invasion during the National Holiday Week of October. As always, the village remains as quiet and peaceful as any given day of the year. No tour cars horning their way through cyclist groups, no trucks

heavily loaded with bamboo-rafts leaving their black smoke behind, no touts along the way trying to sell you their goods and souvenirs, not a trace of tourism as if you discovered a beautiful part of the world long before anyone else. The only indicators of modern China are the newly paved road to our village - what was still a narrow bumpy road in 2010 - and more like-minded fellow travellers who are looking for an authentic experience just like you.


While our rural location offers the perfect base to explore Yangshuo's countryside, its charming little villages and amazing Li-river scenery that have inspired painters and poets for centuries, the proximity to the center easily allows for a quick wander into town. The road along the river is partly covered for the market that takes place every day between 13:00 - 15:00 when the boats arrive at the docks at the end of the Li-river cruise, which is very convenient for a rainy or lazy too hot summer day! Beware that the road can be very dark at night. To ensure a convenient transfer back we provide flashlights at our reception or we can arrange our driver to pick you up, anytime of the day.


Please note that we are located at the pedestrian side of the center, and the bus station has been divided into a South and North bus station further outside of the center. Therefore, the walk to our village from the bus station can take about 30 minutes and is not advised when carrying your luggage on a hot summer day. To get you here easily, give us a call upon arrival and we will hire a driver to get you here soon. Please note that due to new government regulations our private van used for the shuttle cannot take foreign visitors on the main roads anymore so for transfers beyond the main road of the center, we need to hire a driver specifically licensed to carry foreign tourists now.


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Shi Ban Qiao Village 45, 
541900 Yangshuo, Guangxi, China

Name & Address Chinese:


541900 阳朔 桂林广西 中国