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Free shuttle service:

Taxi prices in Yangshuo are among the most expensive in China, they are operated by only a few because it is hard to obtain such a license and none of the drivers has a meter installed or will be willing to use it. The minimum boarding fee is 20Y, even if the ride is only a few hundreds meter and any taxi ride between a countryside hotel and Yangshuo town will cost minimum 60Y return fee each time. To eliminate this high cost for travelers who prefer to stay in the countryside yet within easy access of the town center we now provide a free shuttle service in and out of the center multiple times a day. This new service will take you within 5 minutes of the center in a most comfortable, easy and quick way, cost-free.

Hotel Laundry service:

Our hotel provides a laundry service. For every room we have a basket available at the reception. The price for washing and drying your clothes is 20Y/kg. In the event that your clothes would have stains that cannot be removed with a machine wash, we will either wash them by hands or help you to clean your clothes by a professional dry-cleaning service in town. Please note that the quality towels we provide are for shower-use only and cannot be taken outside the hotel. Stains of mud, coffee, etc may not be removed and we would feel sorry to deduct the cost of such a towel from your deposit.

Mountain/City bikes and scooter rental:

An essential part of any recommended Yangshuo itinery includes a cycling tour in the countryside and here at our Yangshuo Village Retreat we have plenty of good bikes available. We have carefully selected the brand of our bikes (Giant Hunter 2.0) to ensure you will easily handle the roughest trails, those beautiful rolling or hilly roads, and help you to manage some of our longer cycling tours to take in as much of the local scenery as possible. For a lazy day out, we also have scooters available to explore some of Yangshuo's best vistas along a newly paved country road that hardly sees traffic and winds for miles into the hills passing by the 7-star tea plantation nearby, and leading to Stone Village, Xing Ping and Putao further up north. Although these destinations are worth a visit on their own, it is the journey itself that provides the most memorable part of the trip with amazing panoramic views over the karst mountains, rolling hills, rice-paddies and the majestic Li-river seen from high above. This tour offers some of the best scenery in Yangshuo, excellent for photographers.

Massage & Hot-tub spa:

After a full day of touring and exploration you may want to offer your body and mind a well deserved treat! Our rooftop terrace features an open-air glass-covered hot-tub room with amazing views over the karst mountain scenery facing west towards the sunset. Then have your warm muscles thoroughly caressed and stimulated by the hands of a professional Chinese massage therapist. This highly relaxing treat is unique in Yangshuo. Available for guests of the Yangshuo Village Retreat from 58Ypp (hot-tub) and 100Ypp (massage)..

Ticket booking:

Flight tickets; both domestic and international.
Train tickets; To maximize the chance to get the tickets of your preference, we recommend you to book them early, particularly during the summer months of July and August, and the major Holidays in China which include Spring festival (Jan-Febr, depending on the Chinese calendar), May Holidays (first week of May) and October National Holiday Week (30/9-7/10). During these times it may be hard, even for us, to arrange train tickets as they can only be booked 10 days ahead of departure dates and are often already booked out by Chinese companies, government employees, students and everyone with 'interesting' connections when they become available to the public.

A good source for train travel in China in general is:
A good source for availablity of trains with timetables and prices listed:

Bus tickets: We can easily help you to book bus tickets to any destination in China as long as they leave or pass Yangshuo. These tickets are widely available and can be arranged at our reception.
• There is a seperate section on this page for visa and bus arrangements to Vietnam. click here

Yangshuo tours:
At the Yangshuo Village Retreat we can provide all tickets and transportation to and from all the paid attractions Yangshuo has on offer. These attractions include:

• All Yangshuo caves (dragon water cave, moon water cave, butterfly cave,...)
• Moon Hill
• Big Banyan tree
• Long Ji rice terraces
• Liu San Jie Lightshow
• Cormorant fishing show
• Tea Plantation
• Long Jing river drift
• Li-river boat cruise
• Bamboo-rafting

Aside from these attractions that require an entrance fee, we offer a wide range of activities for which we refer to the activities page. Our personalized tours we will be presented into 5 sections on seperate pages; photography tours, adventure tours, tours with children, cultural activities and tours in the Guangxi region. These will be made available online soon.

Complementary internet access:

There is wireless internet access throughout the hotel; in all the rooms and suites, the lobby, restaurant and bar, and on the terraces outside. As a back-up, particularly useful when there are several guests intensively (downloading heavy files) accessing the same router, we have also provided cable internet access in all the rooms. For the likely event you didn't bring your own, we provide internet cables at the reception, free of charge. For guests who chose to leave their laptop or smartphone behind, we also have several computers available at the lobby. To help you keep in touch with friends and family, we have installed skype and somewhere on the premises there is a hidden proxy server to access the blocked social media sites such as facebook, youtube and twitter...

Print, fax and scan service:

Very handy to plan your ongoing trip, we have a printer available at the reception. Whenever you would like to print a route description, booking confirmation, feel free to make use of it. If the necessity arises to scan or fax important documents, no need to go into town as well.

International calls:

For any urgent issues that may come with being on the road, you are mostly welcome to use our phone at the reception with an international connection to most countries in the world. To keep up that lovely daily chat with your mother-in-law is not considered an urgent matter ;-)

Vietnam visa and bus arrangements:

Vietnam visa:
At the Yangshuo Village Retreat, you can have your Vietnamese visa prepared while sipping your coffee latte, having a massage or playing ping-pong. No need to go to the Vietnamese Embassy in Nanning nor do you need to stay overnight (for an express visa with increased fees) or for the 3 working days required to pay a minimum processing fee. Just hand over your passport to our receptionist and we will arrange everything for you.

Express visas can be picked up in Nanning the next day in the afternoon or can be delivered to our hotel in Yangshuo the day after. The normal processing time takes 3 working days and counts for the lowest visa fee of 450Y.

For example:
when you give us your passport and 2 photos on monday before 2PM, you can get your visa in :

Nanning : Thursday        7PM        or       Yangshuo : Friday               2PM     for    450Y
Nanning : Wednesday   7PM        or       Yangshuo : Thursday         2PM     for    550Y
Nanning : Tuesday         7PM        or       Yangshuo : Wednesday     2PM     for    650Y

Bus tour to Vietnam (Hanoi) :
You can also have your transportation arranged in a most convenient way.

16.00: Leave Yangshuo with a direct bus to Nanning
20.00: Arrive in Nanning and transfer to the Yunzhao Hotel where you will stay overnight in a private en-suite room.
08.00: Pick-up at your hotel (where your visa can be delivered) and trip per express bus to Hanoi.
13.00: Arrive in Hanoi.

Price: 490Y ( Includes buses, private accommodation for 1 night, hotel transfers).

This is probably the most convenient way as you would avoid a bus ride to Guilin first from where to you will hope to get a ticket for the train to Nanning. (at the time of writing there are no trains from Guilin to Hanoi). There are also public buses to Nanning that leave from the bus station 3 times daily for 120Y. From there you could take the train as well. Be sure to book ahead during high season and around festivals.

Pick-up service from/to Guilin or Yangshuo:

We have made all pick-up information available for you on our Yangshuo Hotel Pick-up  page.